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Strengthening family foundations through a variety of services.

Family Budgeting

Use an overview of your family finances to develop a budget to keep your family on the track to financial success.

Food Bank

free food items distributed every other month in Houston, Macon and surrounding counties

Senior Citizen Advocacy

supportive services for seniors

Child Car Seat Training

sponsored by the National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Program, SAFE Kids, and State Farm

Healthy Living

 develop a clean and healthy lifestyle including diet and activities

Educational Youth Seminars

materials and curriculum for educators, including ecology, financial planning, health, civics

Transportation Resources


Counseling Resources

counseling for individuals, family, and substance abuse

Health and Life Insurance

building a secure future

Retirement and Estate Planning

it's not just for the wealthy

Applications for Health/ Human Service Programs

TANF, CAPS, SNAP, MA, WIC applications
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